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CNN Panelist: Wanting to separate race from sports is ‘supremacy in itself’

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During a Friday CNN panel appearance, former NFL player Domonique Foxworth tried to castigate Americans concerned over the recent spate of ‘take a knee’ protests seemingly designed to disrespect our nation, or national anthem, and our flag to make a political point.

According to Foxworth, attempts to keep sports where it was originally intended to be, as a diversion and entertainment for all, instead of getting it mired in race and politics are a form of “pernicious supremacy in itself.”

In other words, if you’re upset at players taking a knee, you’re a ‘supremacist.’

“People who say that you should separate race and politics from sports like that is a form of pernicious kind of supremacy in itself,” Foxworth said. “Many black people like don’t have a choice to forget about the past.”

Then, the former NFL star trotted out one of the most illogical ‘reasons’ one can imagine.

“When they were asking me to come on the show they were asking me to spell my last name to come on the show,” continued Foxworth. “I got my last name from my father who got his last name from his father, but if you go on down the line – it came from a slave owner. So there is not a time where I am not reminded of racism, and not reminded of this country’s history. So it upsets me and it bothers me that people get angry that we want to interject a little bit of reality that these players want to act as this country’s conscience on occasion and you can’t take five minutes to acknowledge the injustice that have gone on and will continue going on in this country because it makes you a little uncomfortable because you paid your dime like that’s disrespectful…”

So because his last name may or may not have come from a slave owner hundreds of years ago, Foxworth thinks he can maintain a pattern of perpetual victimhood? What about African-Americans who aren’t named after slave owners? What about others who may or may not have received their last names from some sort of serfdom or slavery even hundreds of years before?

Despite the fact that President Trump has made it abundantly clear that the NFL brouhaha has “nothing to do with race,” CNN and others have made it a point to ensure a platform for those who insist it is.

Watch the video below:

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