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Legend Jackie Mason slams kneelers: ‘The more money they make, the more they hate this country’

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Comic legend Jackie Mason called out NFL players and national anthem protesters for the “huge hullabaloo” they have created.

In an exclusive video clip for Breitbart News, the 86 year-old tackled the issue of the football players taking a knee during pre-game singing of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

“Now I’m saying to myself, ‘why is everybody so disturbed about this?'” Mason said. “Obviously they feel there’s some discrimination in this country and they’re talking about discrimination. This is their way of expressing it.”

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However, the comedian noted, there are plenty of other groups who feel discriminated against but have not resorted to the behavior of the NFL players.

“How far is this gonna go? You think pretty soon they’ll start holding their noses during the Pledge of Allegiance?” he wondered.

“If they say they’re still suffering from racism, why aren’t Jews on their knees? Jews are suffering from racism all the time, throughout history,” Mason said before taking aim at celebrities who are zealously trying to prove their support of the players.

“Did you hear about all these actors who have all this sympathy, and they’re all identifying with everybody who’s down on their knees?” he asked.  “They’re walking around, as soon as they see somebody, they get down on their knee.”

Mason offered up his theory on why this is happening.

“You know why? They’re looking for an opportunity to show you how they can’t stand this country. The more money they make, the more they hate this country,” he said.

NFL players are kneeling because they’re “still suffering from discrimination” in America, Mason suggested.

“How do you suffer from discrimination with $3 million in each pocket?” he asked. “If you make $15 thousand a year and you make $300 million a year, which one is more likely to be suffering from discrimination?”

Another reason for the protesters kneeling is “because they can’t stand Trump,” he said, slamming actor Robert Redford, who recently said Trump should resign for the “benefit” of the country.

“How come he never told Bill Clinton to resign for the safety of the women in this country?” Mason asked.

“Incidentally, I would ask Robert Redford to resign, but I don’t know from what, because the man hasn’t been working in 30 years,” he continued. Did you see Robert Redford’s last picture? You know why you didn’t see it? Because the only place it was seen was his own living room. It was also seen in his kitchen, but if you didn’t go in for an omelette, you never heard about it.”

Mason took a moment at the end of the clip to extend a holiday greeting as Friday night marked the Jewish High Holy Day of Yom Kippur.

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