School library ‘exhibit’ displays the American flag on the floor to ‘teach kids,’ district scrambles to apologize

“This is why you home school”

Legislation to stop sports teams from using taxpayer funds for stadiums is becoming more popular


Campus police in hot pursuit of white man who peed on BLM chalk drawing, thank God they are so diligent

Sounds like they should probably put all units on this one, especially since none are tied up investigating the many documented crimes of masked Antifa goons.

‘OK. Bye.’ Titans tight end tells unhappy fans if they don’t like it, stay home … then he mocks them

Suffice it to say that fan attendance this Sunday might be VERY interesting.

Larry Elder’s fact-filled truth bomb of a column crumbles the very foundation of NFL protests

Elder then compared the experiences of blacks with police to whites, citing DOJ statistics:

The numbers are in! NFL ticket sales tank, StubHub starts offering DISCOUNTS

“Americans are very clear on this issue …”

Watch Spike Lee get hot under the collar when confronted by Gold Star parents

“That was a slap in the face to us.”

‘Allergic’ professor FREAKS OUT over service dogs, media firestorm ignites when she’s tossed off flight

“Jeez, lady, get off the plane.”

Bar owner explains ‘Lynch Kaepernick’ doormat is not what it seems after patron posts pic to social media

“They were placed the way they came out of the box. I ordered them together.”

Bitter Dem’s movement to upend Electoral College gains steam, lawsuits begin

“NY and CA don’t speak for the rest of the country!”

BBQ food truck kicked out of town for feeding Hurricane Irma victims without a permit

“There are times and places where we welcome them.”

Airline stewardess in hot water after ‘racist’ rant goes viral, claims it was all a set-up

“I want to set the record straight.”

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