‘Control your dog!’ Backlash over Chris Cuomo’s ‘implausible interpretation’ of Trump’s NFL remarks

CNN’s Chris Cuomo knew the backlash would be coming once he put words in President Trump‘s mouth.

The “New Day” host, commenting on Trump’s latest remarks on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem, said people would “come at me on Twitter for this.”

Trump blasted NFL owners as being “afraid” of their players during Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning, prompting Daily Beast editor-in-chief John Avlon to say that the president was “effectively trolling the owners, and it’s the language he understands of fear and goading.”

“But maybe even uglier than that,” Cuomo interjected. “It does sound a little bit — and obviously you can come at me on Twitter for this — like he’s saying: ‘Control your dog. Control your dog,’ to the owners.”

The CNN host continued, accusing Trump of creating the issue.

“I’m trying to map it here,” he said. “They’re his friends, the owners, okay. To his friends, he creates a false issue, which puts them in a huge bind. Then, he says ‘Well, I feel bad about what’s happening there with these guys’ — which clearly he does not, because he created this issue to foment political tension. And now he says they’re fearful of the players, so he is setting up the ugliest kind of tension you can.”

It didn’t take long for Cuomo’s remarks to ignite a backlash on Twitter.

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Cuomo fired back at critics, telling them he is not responsible.

But the floodgates were opened and Cuomo was swept away in the outrage.

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