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‘Stab him!’ Gruesome scene as friends STRUGGLE to pry tenacious shark from man’s stomach

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Talk about “Jaws!”

A horrifying scene was captured on video recently when a Florida man was bitten by a tenacious shark.

Ervin Maccarty went into the water off the coast of Marathon while fishing, when a small shark bit him in the stomach, the Daily Mirror reported.

…and refused to let go!

Maccarty is seen in the video emerging from the water with the shark latched to his lower stomach, and he is in serious pain.

SG shark bite2


Friends on the boat quickly step in to assist Maccarty as he laid flat on his back, holding the shark as still as possible.

“He didn’t get your penis, did he?” a man off camera asked.

Maccarty said he went in the water to retrieve a grouper that had been shot with a spear gun and gone into a hole, according to the Daily Mirror.

“As soon as I get down there, the shark came out of another hole and bit me,” he explained. “I struggled getting back to the boat. It knocked the breath out of me, so I had to get up for air, but I felt the shark biting and trying to tear me open.”

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“It wouldn’t let go, so I had to hold it tight with both hands so it wouldn’t rip me open and I had to get up for air with the shark pulling me down,” Maccarty continued.

Maccarty said he thought he was going to drown.

“I got up and saw the boat had floated away and everyone yelling that the shark had bit me,” he said. “No one knew it was still on me. I had to get to the boat with no hands to swim with. It was a struggle and wore me out.”

Ultimately, the decision was made to kill the shark, but that proved to be a drawn out, gruesome process.

“Don’t cut me! Don’t bleed him out on me!” Maccarty yells at one point.

His friends are making jokes all along, but everyone’s relieved when the shark finally opened its jaws, freeing Maccarty from his agony.

SG shark bite

Watch the terrifying events unfold in the video below and be warned, it is graphic at times.

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