Delete! Blinded by hate, CNN’s Ana Navarro blows it big time trying to burn Trump

Every liberal’s favorite Republican, Ana Navarro, seems to be right at home at CNN.

The CNN contributor gave #FakeNews a boost on Wednesday when she tweeted what turned out to be a photoshopped image of NBA player Lebron James throwing serious shade at President Donald Trump.

In the image, James is rocking a black T-shirt depicting a middle finger, along with the caption: “TRUMP U SON OF A B*TCH.”

Navarro, a former aide to failed GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush, is notoriously anti-Trump and she offered her own insight on the photo.

“Freedom of expression Makes America Great. Whether u approve or not, we’re free to wear this. Could get u jailed or killed in some places,” she tweeted.

The tweet was shared widespread on Twitter, before Navarro eventually deleted the photo after it became clear it was fake, but, alas, the internet is forever:

As noted by The Daily Caller, the image is a doctored version of a picture from the 2016 NBA Finals of James wearing a shirt with a picture of professional wrestling’s Undertaker.

Navarro, with egg all over her face, offered a mea culpa in a tweet posted Thursday: “I’m a fan of @KingJames, freedom of expression & accuracy. I tweeted a pic of him, unaware then, it was fake. I deleted it. So sorry, folks.”

As might be expected, social media let Navarro have with more than just a middle finger. Here’s a sampling of the responses from Twitter.

Tom Tillison


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