Fledgling GOP candidate relays experience killing terrorists in bid for support – and he’s getting it!

A Republican Senate candidate for Michigan made no apologies for his military combat experience and how it qualifies him for office.

“While experience is important, it’s relevant experience that matters,” 2018 Senate candidate John James captioned a video he posted on Facebook Wednesday.

The 36 year-old Iraq War veteran and West Point graduate referred to his fighting experiences and killing terrorists in the video.

I’m a combat veteran. I understand national security.

Day 7: While experience is important, it’s relevant experience that matters. I’m a combat veteran who understands national security from a strategic and tactical level. I want YOU as my co-pilot. Please click on the secure link and join our volunteer team today! http://bit.ly/2yE6WJP

Posted by John James on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

“I flew 750 hours of combat in Baghdad, and on exactly zero occasions did anybody ask me my age before I put a hellfire missile down a terrorist’s throat,” James stated.

The Michigan candidate, who is making his first foray into politics, is challenging 67 year-old incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow who is running for a fourth term. Singer Kid Rock has also sparked speculation that he would be running for the same Senate seat against Stabenow but his candidacy has yet to be made official.

James bluntly recounted his experiences and addressed critics who question his abilities given his young age, citing the growth of his business as another example of the experience he has garnered.

“I believe we should put talent in Washington, not seniority,” he said.

He added that “fresh perspective” and “passion for service” are more effective forms of leadership than what “political insiders and career politicians” offer.

Straight-shooting talk about killing terrorists won James a lot of new fans on Twitter as his direct no-nonsense approach earned him plenty of applause.

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