Grade F! LeBron James’ mangled statement on ‘uneducated’ Trump voters gets the work over it deserves

Perhaps a failing LeBron James should stick to putting a round ball through a hoop.

While there’s no doubting his skill as a professional basketball player, James found himself a target of unmerciful ridicule when he decided to step center court into the political arena.

The Cleveland Cavalier star player weighed in Monday on the controversy over NFL players disrespecting the national anthem… by taking a pot shot at folks who voted for Donald Trump.

“I don’t think a lot of people was educated,” James said. “And I think that’s one of the biggest problems when it becomes vote time is that people are just not educated on either the individual or what’s going on … I don’t think a lot of people are educated, and they make choices and say things that’s uneducated.

He went on to compare voting for President Trump to giving his daughter “that many damn Skittles,” with the sugar rush keeping her from sleeping.

But his poor command of the English language overshadowed whatever message he hoped to convey.

…and when national figures choose to join the political “discussion” in America, they can expect to be mocked and ridiculed for any missteps — and, boy, was James ever ridiculed.

A video of him making his comments was altered to include a pink p*ssy hat sitting atop his head and a clip from the hit film “Pulp Fiction,” featuring Samuel L. Jackson, who asks: “English, mother f**ker, do you speak it?”

***Caution: Strong Language

That was followed by a creative effort to correct James’ comments, as if they were a school assignment.

“Lebron, please see me after class,” the corrected paper splattered with red ink says.

The corrected paper earned the praise of the citizens of Podunk:

Social media users were ruthless in the responses to James… here’s a sampling from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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