Sens dubbed ‘Obamacare Republicans’ take MAJOR heat as conservative bigwigs SLAM inaction

“You people in Congress — you’re pampered, you’re overpaid, you’re spoiled.”

Brutal footage, reports from vengeful Iraqi army shows no mercy for captured ISIS suspects

“After I questioned him I sent him to hell.”

Rookie officer thought pulling her badge would get her out of a DWI … she thought wrong

“Do you know Brian?”

VP Pence doesn’t mince words when he reaffirms bold campaign promise on Israel

“I promise you that the day will come …”

New poll could spell trouble for Dems in 2018 midterms

There will be 33 Senate races, and every House seat will be up for election…

Charlie Daniels may have come up with the best solution yet on how to handle a dysfunctional Congress

“Why does the nation have to wait and hurt while you clowns on Capitol Hill …”

President Trump says senators should think twice before leaving for August recess

The president said that any Republican senator who remains opposed to debating the Senate bill…

Meanwhile, the markets notched 130 record closings since Trump defeated Hillary

And it doesn’t lo to slow down any time soon.

Rosie O’Donnell under fire for promoting sick virtual game on how to kill President Trump

“She has destroyed her own career with her obsession of Trump.”

GOP Sen denies he ‘ran’ from press, but photo of him leaping across subway tracks begs otherwise

“This was simply a light-hearted, display of athleticism…”

More corruption exposed? Watchdog group says US Postal Service let workers do Clinton campaign work

It’s a deep and murky swamp.

‘Anti-Trump’ Shep Smith goes low to fire back at Hannity after he dared to point out the obvious

Will Smith and Hannity’s friendship outlast the Trump Administration? So far, it’s not loing good!

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