Charlie Daniels may have come up with the best solution yet on how to handle a dysfunctional Congress

Musician Charlie Daniels has a solution for what ails Congress.

Following the Senate’s dismal failure in repealing ObamaCare this week, the 80 year-old Country Music Hall of Fame member aired out his frustrations Tuesday on Twitter.

Image: screengrab Fox News

Later, Daniels called out the Senate for behaving like a bunch of five year-olds.

The “Devil Went Down to Georgia” singer is no stranger to voicing his opinion on social media, musing about having no political parties earlier in the week.

And last week, he vented at Congress for playing “gotcha games.”

The music legend is a proud American and told Fox News he is thankful to live in the “greatest country on Earth by far.”

“There’s absolutely no place that holds a candle to this country no matter what anybody says,” he told Fox News. “There’s not as many freedoms and opportunities anywhere else like we’ve got here.”

Daniels explained that his love for America keeps him engaged, using the “Soapbox” on his website to comment on what is on his heart and going on in the world around him.

“I’m not running for office or something like that, I’m just doing it because I love this country and I have a very definite idea what it’s about, what the Constitution is about, what direction I feel we should be going in,” he told Fox News.

Daniels’ advice on how to handle a Congress that can’t work together sparked plenty of reaction on Twitter, with countless people urging the North Carolina native to run for office.

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