Does this bikini model look like she’s a plus size to you? Outrage over her ad is growing

“Anyone else majorly offended that this is a ‘plus size’ bikini on a ‘plus size’ mo?!?! no wonder girls think they are ‘fat.”

The moment a man holding a baby is punched by airport worker for complaining about long delay

“And then, all of a sudden, a man holding a baby gets whacked.”

SG Andrea Mitchell
Lawsuit claims NBC only hires ‘good-looking employees’

She said the recruiterwanted to see photographs up front, asking her “to show her /Instagram profile to NBC before she could be interviewed.”

SG Cracker Barrel
Mocking white people dining at Cracker Barrel solely for their skin color reflects a growing trend in America

Imagine the races were reversed here & this racist tweet would be leading network news tonight.

Scaramucci’s OUT! Hours after Kelly is sworn in, Mooch is cut only 10 days into his new job, sources say

This story is developing.

Gen. John Kelly officially sworn in as White House chief of staff

The swearing in was closed to the press.

Sessions will put leak investigation results on display following Trump’s criticisms

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will release a report later this week showing an increase in the number of leaks that investigations pursued so far this yearin comparison to all of 2016.

‘Democrats need to be in a 12-step program,’ says filmmaker

“The American public is liberal on the issues,” he said. “They won’t call themselves liberals, but on the issues they’re liberal.”

Nude women, scammers in Times Square can’t be arrested because most are illegal aliens, official claims

Street performers have gone wild in New York City and police are near powerless against them because of the city’s sanctuary laws. The costume characters, who range […]

‘Sick sick sick’ racist Procter & Gamble ad crosses every line! If you are white, brace yourself before watching

“Boycotting all products due to race baiting. Sick sick sick. “

SG Kid Rock
Kid Rock tweets double middle finger, 5 hot babes on a plane pic with expletive – yep, he’s ready for Senate

“Can’t wait to see the cardiac arrest @KidRock would cause on the #senate floor.”

Lawrence Jones Slams 'Whiteness' Conference white privilege
K-12 educators attend ‘whiteness’ conference; black Americans as offended as whites

Conservative commentatorLawrence Jones slammed the “political correctness” movement sweeping the United States, saying race-baiting educators should leave children out of their liberal brainwashing. Jones made the […]

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