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K-12 educators attend ‘whiteness’ conference; black Americans as offended as whites

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Conservative commentator Lawrence Jones slammed the “political correctness” movement sweeping the United States, saying race-baiting educators should leave children out of their liberal brainwashing.

Jones made the comments while discussing a conference held by Columbia University‘s teachers’ college, where principals and teachers of kindergarten through grade 12 were offered instruction on “whiteness” and “deconstructing racial microaggressions.”

“Leaving this race-baiting to the adults,” Jones told Fox & Friends. “Allow the kids to be kids.”

lawrence jones condoleezza rice dr. ben carson neurosurgeon
High achievers Lawrence Jones, Condoleezza Rice and Dr. Ben Carson did not play the race card. (Photos: BizPac Review screengrabs)
Similarly, high-achieving women don’t play the Woman Card. Just sayin.’ (Image: ThePeoplesCube)

Jones was disgusted that Columbia University had recently held a conference to instruct educators how to brainwash children about the dangers of “white privilege” and how to hone their grievance-mongering skills by bellyaching about racial “microaggressions.”

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Jones, a host on TheBlaze TV, conceded that while it’s important to be aware of racial issues, constantly blaming white people for their alleged “white privilege” hurts minorities.

“For me, I don’t believe in the whole notion of white privilege because I believe we’re teaching a generation that they are essentially inferior to white people,” Jones said. “We’re telling young [minority] people that they can’t make it, they can’t be successful because white people have it easier.”

Jones continued: “My parents never taught me that. They always taught me that no matter what color you are, you be the best you can be. And that’s why I’m here at 24.”

Jones said children should be allowed to be children in school, without being indoctrinated on left-wing propaganda at an age when they couldn’t care less about politics.

Liberal brainwashing is prevalent in colleges and universities across the country and around the world. But why start the hectoring at kindergarten?

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“Can we just let the kids be kids?” Jones asked. “Can we just allow them to communicate? I think they’re creating a problem with kids that are innocent.”

ayaan hirsi ali white privilege twitter
Activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim, urged whites to let go of their ‘white guilt.’ (Image: Twitter)
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