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‘Democrats need to be in a 12-step program,’ says filmmaker

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DCNFNick Givas, DCNF

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore appeared on “Morning Joe” Monday to discuss the state of the Democratic Party, calling it disconnected and recommending that party members enter “a 12-step program” to help their losing streak.

Moore pointed out that, despite winning the popular vote in the presidential election six out of the last seven times, Democrats are on the outside looking in with Republicans controlling the majority of Washington leadership. Democrats have also lost each special election that was held since President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough asked Moore about warnings he gave regarding a Trump victory, and Moore said, “Obviously I need better communication skills because I didn’t succeed in convincing either fellow liberals or Democrats that the tsunami was coming.” He also blamed the Clinton campaign for not visiting Michigan and Wisconsin, saying it cost them the White House.

“We have to start running people who can win and people who are beloved by the American people, and who understand how to talk to the American people,” Moore said.

The filmmaker added that the Democrats have been unable to offer a viable alternative, despite voters being liberal on things like climate change, abortion, and gender equality.

“The American public is liberal on the issues,” he said. “They won’t call themselves liberals, but on the issues they’re liberal.”

Moore cited the state of California as an example to the rest of the country, and praised the entirely Democratic state government. “California is the experiment right now. Democrats control everything and good things are getting done.”

He concluded that the middle class is being driven by anger, describing Trump as a “molotov cocktail” that voters threw at the system to blow it up.

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