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The moment a man holding a baby is punched by airport worker for complaining about long delay

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A man reportedly complaining about a long delay on an easyJet flight was punched by an airport employee.

…even though the man was holding a baby!

The shocking moment was captured on camera and shared online by fellow traveler Arabella Ark, who told MailOnline that a bad day suddenly got much worse — they were waiting to board an easyJet flight from Nice, France, to London Luton airport.

“Everyone was having the most appalling day,” she said. “And then, all of a sudden, a man holding a baby gets whacked.”

“It all kicked off after his wife was talking to the [airport employee] because we were getting no information whatsoever about the delay.”


EasyJet was quick to react, hoping to avoid a PR nightmare. Responding to the photo, the airline said the employee pictured was not one of their employees.

“We are concerned to see this – it is not an easyJet staff member & they do not work for our ground handling agents,” the airliner tweeted.

A second tweet continued: “We are taking this up with Nice Airport & their special assistance provider Samsic who we understand this person works for.”


In a more detailed statement, easyJet noted that the delay “was due to a technical issue with the aircraft and a replacement aircraft and crew were sent from London Gatwick to operate the flight.”

Tom Tillison


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