Chelsea Clinton tells ‘white parents’ to teach their kids not to be racists – that’s pretty racist

All parents need to talk to their kids..not just ‘white’ parents.. Don’t be a racist, Chelsea..

CNN Brian Stelter invokes Spider Man to cover his Fox-envy for ‘the most powerful TV show in America,’

Hmmm… This had to sting.

SG Dunkirk
Feminists roar new film is ‘an excuse for men to celebrate maleness’ … after Wonder Woman? Pulease!

James Woods: “Oh, good. Now I have one more reason to see it twice.”

‘America is afraid’ to put up this Trump billboard, says artist, after 30 failed attempts, here’s what happened

Nobody would touch it.

Teen jumps from moving car to escape horrifying ‘race-based’ attempted rape by 3 males at gunpoint

Three South Carolina black teenagers who went on a July crime spree that included armed robberies, kidnapping, and a near sexual assault that was foiled by one […]

SG Ed Henry
POTUS threatens to cancel lawmakers’ healthcare benefits – that ‘special exception’ they carved out

“@POTUS threatens to cancel lawmaker’s healthcare benefits; @edhenry reports.”

Pelosi sounds happy to be rid of Obama, Hillary: ‘For the first time since 2006’ we’re in charge of own message

“We heard it from the Democrats and Hillary Clinton in 2016 and you lost.”

SG Sasse-Scott
‘He deserved it’: Ben Sasse ‘encourages violence’ on a black Senator – like Trump ‘condoned police brutality’


Jake Tapper harasses Scaramucci friend after he threatens Priebus, says he’ll reveal mistress, other dirt

“Never was his publicist. Always been his friend. That’s it. Correction & apology? You guys know how to do that, right? “

tomi lahren chelsea handler debate 2017 politicon
Tomi Lahren’s slip while yukking it up with lib Chelsea Handler gets her blasted by both sides again

The women then complimented each other’s careers and brushed each other’s hair (just kidding on the latter) before finding common ground on rapper 50 Cent.

Gorka says military exists to ‘kill people and blow stuff up’ not ‘to be socially engineered’

“We’re not here to represent one part of America,” Gorka responded. “We are here to represent all of America and protect Americans,” Gorka fired back.

SG Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo predicts reality check: ‘Tax reform is going to be just like health care’ due to inept arrogant Senate

“The Senate is a bunch of people who all want to be president … they have an arrogance about them and they go a hundred different ways, literally.”