‘We are different’: Activist defends $190K payout by taxpayers to an illegal for being turned over to ICE

“In San Francisco, we are different,” he proudly proclaimed. “We are progressive. We think different.”

Even CNN commentators think Scarborough’s National Enquirer Trump blackmail story is fishy

“And there’s no comment from NBC.”

Mika Brzezinski has crush on president donald trump flirt video
Flirting flashback clips of ‘scorned’ Mika explains a lot! Check out her schoolgirl crush on Trump

Mika flirting outrageously with Trump.

cnn jake tapper airs fake national enquirer cover of heidi ted cruz cheating
CNN issues ANOTHER OOPS! Another day, another apology

“The most busted name in news! “

Scott Walker actually wants President Trump to tweet MORE, and here’s why …

He just needs to learn how to control that superpower.

Here’s why Justin Amash became the only Republican to vote against Kate’s Law, but it’s not silencing his critics

“You vote against Kate’s law and promote Sharia and radical Islam. You are not a republican and you are not an American!”

Furious Melania tells ‘sad’ Mika to BACK OFF the trash talk: She doesn’t know me, ‘we have thick skin’

“I know Melania. I haven’t talked to her in months, but if my gut is right …”

Associated Press ‘clarifies’ false claim in four Trump-Russia reports

The AP identified four reports in which the false claim ran, but it’s unlikely all of those reports will be corrected, since the wire service reports are blasted out to news outlets all over the world for publication.

Cindy Crawford’s teenage daughter causes firestorm of controversy with racy bathroom selfie

The teenage daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford has caused a commotion on social media after she shared a racy photo on Instagram. Kaia Gerber, the 15-year-old teenage […]

At 52, Brooke Shields’ racy new photo proves nothing gets between her and her Calvins, still, literally

“You wanna know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.”

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