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Cindy Crawford’s teenage daughter causes firestorm of controversy with racy bathroom selfie

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The teenage daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford has caused a commotion on social media after she shared a racy photo on Instagram.

Kaia Gerber, the 15-year-old teenage daughter of Crawford and businessman, and former model, Rande Gerber, shared the photo on Thursday with the caption “uniform.”

The teenager didn’t leave much to the imagination, wearing only a robe, and exposing her shoulders and tan lines.

Image: Instagram

Some got on the teenager for sharing such a racy photo with the public.

“How are you comfortable with everyone seeing you like this?” asked one fan.

“I’d kill my daughter if she did this at 15. Unfollowed. You’re starting your career off wrong,” said another.

“There is no denying she is a beautiful girl. But in my opinion as the mother of a young daughter, this pic is a little much for her age,” noted yet another.

And the criticism wasn’t limited to Instagram.

And one man made a valid point.

“I’m not sure what the difference is btw this picture and all the other seductive poses, many in skimpy bathing suits. I do not think seductive selfies and pictures of an underage teenager is appropriate whether a model or not. I think that any parent who finds this an acceptable form of self-expression needs to get some parenting skills,” he said.

And the fact is she does have other racy photos on her page.

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

Her racy photos fly in the face of what she told Refinery29.com in February.

“I mean, I think I’m really careful about what I post, but at the same time, I’m 15-years-old,” she said.

Image: Instagram

“I don’t feel pressured to be perfect all the time because nobody is and I think I almost respect people who show off their imperfections more because you can relate to them. When I see Instagram [posts] that are really perfect, it’s hard to respond to that. You want to see more,” she told the magazine.

Image: Instagram

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