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‘We are different’: Activist defends $190K payout by taxpayers to an illegal for being turned over to ICE

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Crime literally pays in the city of San Francisco.

Only in American can an illegal immigrant sue a city for the indignity of having the law enforced against him in a country he’s not supposed to be in and win a six figure payout.

San Francisco reached a settlement with Pedro Figueroa-Zarceno, an illegal alien from El Salvador, awarding him $190,000 after police turned him over to immigration authorities when he went to a police station to recover his stolen car, which violated the city’s sanctuary policy.

AP Sanctuary City Settlement
(AP Photo/Olga Rodriguez)

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson accurately described the agreement as “insane,” but guest Roberto Hernandez, an immigration advocate, justified the windfall — saying “we are different” in San Francisco.

…which is hard to argue.

“You shouldn’t pay a criminal for breaking the law,” Tucker insisted. “And that’s what San Francisco is doing.”

But Hernandez justified the generosity because of “the failure of this country to do immigration reform.”

Carlson tried his best to explain that the city is effectively saying one group of people — illegal aliens — don’t have to follow federal law, a courtesy American citizens aren’t granted.

“That strikes me as discriminatory,” the Fox News host said.

Hernandez defended the special treatment, saying San Francisco leads and “the rest of the country follows.”

“In San Francisco, we are different,” he proudly proclaimed. “We are progressive. We think different. We’re leaders when it comes to being humanitarians.”

…federal law be damned.

Tom Tillison


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