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Even CNN commentators think Scarborough’s National Enquirer Trump blackmail story is fishy

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CNN’s Brian Stelter and S.E. Cupp are not buying Joe Scarborough’s version of how he was blackmailed by President Trump.

The political commentators found it “a little odd” that, according to the MSNBC anchor, Trump requested positive coverage on his show, “Morning Joe” and returned the favor by keeping negative stories about Scarborough out of the National Enquirer.

Scarborough and his co-host and fiance, Mika Brzezinski, have been engaged in on ongoing battle with the president which escalated this week when Trump fired off a tweet about Brzezinsk’s “bleeding face” following an alleged facelift.

“I think it will be interesting to see if Joe Scarborough, as he claims, was getting all of these phone calls, these weird phone calls from the White House,” Cupp told a CNN panel on Friday. ““You’d imagine a seasoned broadcaster and former political official would record them. If he didn’t, that’s a little odd to me.”

Scarborough made his claims on Friday, alleging that he had texts and phone calls to back up his story. But the White House refuted the former Florida congressman’s version of events, claiming it was Scarborough calling the president and asking him to kill the negative stories, as Trump and the publisher of the National Enquirer, David Pecker, are friends, CNN reported.

The CNN commentators questioned why Scarborough would not have made the records public sooner, considering the months-long feud with Trump.

“I’m wondering also why he sat on it for so long,” Cupp said, as Stetler agreed.

“I’ve asked the same questions for NBC,” Stetler said.

“This seems like a disturbing thing that was happening in April, why wouldn’t you tell your audience while it was happening?” he asked. “And there’s no comment from NBC.”

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