‘What a shot!’ Killer NBC photo of ‘Trump Squad’ has both sides talking

The old adage tells us that a picture is worth a thousand words… but it doesn’t say what political spin those words will take on. NBC News […]

SG Confederate Flag
HBO forced to respond to ‘No Confederate’ campaign to derail fictional slave drama

“Game of Thrones” creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are planning a modern-day Southern slavery drama based on the idea that the South was successful in seceding and slavery is legal.

Mom of wheelchair bound son sets lying JK Rowling straight about President Trump, still no apology

Author J.K. Rowling became a billionaire writing fantasy stories about wizard Harry Potter, and continues to write fiction when discussing President Donald Trump. Rowling was widely slammed […]

Reuters poll: Majority of Americans want GOP to forget health care reform

A wide majority of Americans want Republicans in Congress to move on from their health care reform effort following an unsuccessful bid to repeal and replace Obamacare on Friday.

Rep. Barbara Lee tries to sell nifty excuse for why she insulted Gen. John Kelly … who’s buying it?

“Barbara, your kind of crazy puts all Americans at risk,” Pirro said.

Chris Christie gets up in the face of Cubs fan heckling him during game, but keeps iron grip of his nachos

After BeachGate and that time he got called a “fat-ass” on live radio, one might think Chris Christie would consider laying a little bit low, but apparently low-profile […]

How Putin’s ‘masterstroke’ of political genius backfired

Russia expelled American diplomats and seized two government compounds Friday.

Fmr. Clinton aide details how Obama has set up secret ‘war room’ blocks from the White House to destroy Trump

“It amounts really to a coup d’etat between the intelligence community on the one hand and the media on the other.”

Chuck Woolery: Americans are sympathetic to President Trump, he has become a victim

President Donald Trump is a “victim of the system.” That is according to former game show host Chuck Woolery, a rare Hollywood conservative who now hosts the […]

Fmr NFL star says ratings dump is because league’s brand is ‘anti-Americanism and thuggery’

Burgess, who wrote the book “Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps.”

So, who’s the bigger jerk? Owner confronts guy who hit his Mercedes with cart, sets off epic chain of trash talk

What say you?

Brit Hume steps out of character to unveil new nickname for POTUS; reactions are all over the map

“Hens are now in the Fox house.”