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Lawsuit claims NBC only hires ‘good-looking employees’

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A former NBC employee who was fired is charging that the network only hires “good-looking” people.

An assertion that some will argue can be debunked with a quick glimpse at the network’s on-air talent.

Stephanie Belanger is claiming the recruiter she spoke with while applying for a job as an audio-visual coordinator told her NBC “specifically asked for good-looking employees,” the New York Post reported.

She said the recruiter wanted to see photographs up front, asking her “to show her Facebook/Instagram profile to NBC before she could be interviewed.”

Belanger is suing NBC, alleging disability discrimination, sexual harassment, and termination in retaliation after she complained, according to The Post.

More from the newspaper:

Belanger’s supervisor, John Carleo, called her “a whore,” bragged that he had “the hottest coordinator in the office,” and referred to himself as “the boyfriend with no benefits,” the suit said.

To torment her, Carleo allegedly booked dinner reservations for himself and a date, and asked her to fix his shirt for the soiree. He finally told Belanger he had to fire her or his girlfriend would break up with him.


Belanger, who suffers from epilepsy, says her complaints fell on deaf ears at the network and that she was demoted and had her pay cut after a second seizure at work, which required a brief stay on the hospital.

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Her lawyer, Daniel Kaiser, said NBC’s alleged discerning taste adds to a toxic workplace, according to The Post.


“Why would that be anything you would ask of someone you want to work there? he said of the alleged request for social media photos. “Why is that on your radar at all?” he said.

NBC has not responded to a request for comment from The Post.

Tom Tillison


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