GOP Sen denies he ‘ran’ from press, but photo of him leaping across subway tracks begs otherwise

Republican Sen. Jerry Moran seemed to go to extreme measures to get around the press, leaving surprised  journalists behind to report on his “escape.”

Hours after he announced he opposed the Senate GOP’s healthcare bill, dooming it to failure, the senator from Kansas was confronted by reporters pressing him for answers on his decision.

Though he did take a few minutes to answer some of their questions, eventually Moran  broke away, leaping across a set of subway tracks.

Of course, with the press in attendance, there were plenty of photos to capture the moment and just as many variations of how, exactly, Moran exited.

Moran’s office clarified that saying the senator was running would be an exaggeration, but conceded that he “leapt” across the tracks, according to the Washington Examiner.

A spokesman confirmed to the Examiner that the senator did, in fact, speak with the press for a few minutes before jumping across the tracks.

“The Senator stopped and answered a number of questions from reporters before crossing the tracks because he had to go vote. He even spoke to reporters again after he crossed the tracks. This was simply a light-hearted, display of athleticism, in an effort to not push his way through dozens of reporters and get to votes,” Tom Brandt said in a statement.

Moran along with fellow Republican, Sen. Mike Lee from Utah, announced their opposition to the Better Care Reconciliation Act, the plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, on Monday night.

His “athleticism” on the subway tracks Tuesday inspired countless memes and lots of reaction on Twitter.

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Frieda Powers


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