Desperate Dems manage to irritate just about everyone when they float TV host to run for Ohio gov

“This Party continues to insult and work against progressives and, at this point, deserves nothing but to die off.”

british woman screenshot
Muslim woman applauded when she lays out reality: ‘Terrorism is being imported right under our noses’

“There is an elephant in the room here …”

Allies in the making? These countries in ‘behind-the-scenes revolt’ against Obama’s global warming deal

“….mirrors president Donald Trump’s rollback of climate policy in Washington.”

Kathy Griffin’s latest stunt with ‘bloody severed Trump head’ has folks calling for Secret Service

“I reported it & I am sure many others did too.”

Pic of Pope looking ‘just as glum’ with another world leader busts msm’s anti-Trump narrative wide open

Another liberal narrative busted.

Fox News gears up to debut new show, and its recurring segment could be the best part!

“Are you ready to take back The United States of America from Washington DC?”

Lib columnist picks absolute worst time to tout anti-American sign donning a European street

“Nice to retweet on Memorial Day.”

cnn screenshot
‘How much crow are you going to eat?’ Sununu SKEWERS CNN’s Alisyn Camerota over Trump ‘collusion’

“You’re asking hypotheticals on hypotheticals.”

melania trump ap
Stunning Melania Trump makes narrow-minded designers who refuse to dress her think twice

Success truly is the best revenge.

Katrina Pierson calls for Priebus’ head in WH shake-up: How about we try an actual Trump administration

“I have an idea…”

‘Interesting choice!’ Rapper ‘Pitbull’ taken to the woodshed for out-of-touch Memorial Day tribute

He almost got it right.

Evergreen State College black students no whites on campus
Unhinged student ‘anarchists’ furious their threatening antics leaked on internet, demand it be removed

Sorry, that’s not how it works.