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Pic of Pope looking ‘just as glum’ with another world leader busts msm’s anti-Trump narrative wide open

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Another liberal narrative busted.

President Trump’s meeting with Pope Francis last week at the Vatican sparked countless stories about how the two leaders reacted to the encounter, with the media wasting plenty of ink on stories of the Catholic leader’s “frown” in photos with the president and his family.

But as it turns out, the Pope’s expression in photos was not reserved for Trump, with whom he has had disagreements in the past. In fact, the #RestingPopeFace turned up again in a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and first lady Sophie Gregoire over the weekend.

And apparently the pontiff has not been throwing shade at all the other leaders he has been photographed with, but is just exercising his “resting pope face.”

Looks like all that brouhaha about a scowling pope meeting Trump was another example of fake news but at least it launched a fun new hashtag.

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Frieda Powers


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