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Katrina Pierson calls for Priebus’ head in WH shake-up: How about we try an actual Trump administration

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Katrina Pierson wants to see some changes in President Trump’s White House and she’s not afraid to call for it.

Pierson, who was a former presidential campaign spokeswoman for Donald Trump came out against the onslaught of leaks that have rocked the Trump administration during its beginning days in office.

“I’ve always said, if you weren’t with Mr. Trump from prior to the Indiana primary then you’re probably not on his team,” Pierson said on Fox News Monday in response to rumors of a White House shake-up.

“I think there should be a shake-up at the White House starting at the very top,” Pierson said.

“What is happening today, especially with all of these leaks, no one’s been held accountable,” she said. “And that is the chief of staff’s responsibility, and I believe that needs to be addressed.”

Reince Priebus, who is currently the White House chief of staff has come under fire for not being able to tame the ongoing leaks.

Pierson took to Twitter on Tuesday to tweet the clip along with a not-so-subtle suggestion: “I have an idea. How about we try an actual TRUMP ADMINISTRATION.”

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Plenty of Trump supporters tired of the leaks and fake scandals agreed:

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