Kathy Griffin’s latest stunt with ‘bloody severed Trump head’ has folks calling for Secret Service

*Warning for gory content. 


So-called comedian Kathy Griffin won’t reveal why she’s holding a replica of President Trump’s severed head, but she’s more than willing to share the footage.

Griffin was shooting with famous photographer Tyler Shields and said the two were “not afraid to do images that make noise.”

During the shoot, Griffin joked that she and Shields might have to move to Mexico after the footage got out — and judging from the responses, she might be right.

TMZ shared the video that can watched below and also took a poll asking if Griffin went “too far” or if Trump was “fair game.” At the time of this writing over 50,000 votes were cast with 74% voting “too far.”

The story made it to Twitter where it received a similar reaction with many calling for the Secret Service and FBI to pay Griffin a visit:



it hasn’t been confirmed it Griffin has gotten a visit from the Secret Service, but there’s certainly a lot of people who are hoping it’s true.


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