Even on Memorial Day … Olbermann leads hate parade against Trump for honoring the fallen


Ronald Reagan at Arlington Cemetery: ‘Freedom is not bought cheaply’

Because he cared so deeply …

Brit Hume embarrasses the hell out of Cory Booker, and he so deserved it!

Aww, and he sounded so sincere in that interview.

Boycotting Heineken; because promoting open borders not what these patriots want on Memorial Day

“This rise in murders, rapes, and terrorist attacks is brought to you by Heineken®.”

Golfing great Tiger Woods arrested in Florida

Not good …

‘T-Rex’ Tillerson rides with veterans in 30th annual ‘Rolling Thunder’

The comparison just doesn’t seem fair, does it?

white house screenshot
What do you think the flashing red lights inside the White House were last night?

“Four sharpshooters on the roof above the windows seem to be looking at something. Ambulance red, police blue, right?”

Sportswriter is beyond sorry for ‘very uncomfortable’ tweet about Japanese driver winning Indy 500

This was a really big foul up!

nato leaders laugh smirk at trump for saying they need to pay fair share
Fmr aide to Margaret Thatcher: ‘Absolutely appalling’ how NATO leaders treated President Trump

He caught NATO leaders apparently laughing behind Trump’s back.

angela merkel says europe can no longer rely on united states
Angela Merkel says Germany can no longer ‘rely completely’ on the US

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is apparently taking a page from Donald Trump’s playbook on how to win presidential elections by embracing a more nationalistic tone as she […]

CNN’s Zakaria DESTROYS the ‘tolerant Left,’ leaves them dumbfounded and defensive

“Liberals think they are tolerant, but often they aren’t.”

All by her lonesome, WSJ columnist OWNS stacked anti-Trump ‘Meet The Press’ panel

“One of the most interesting pieces of news that actually came out this week …”

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