What do you think the flashing red lights inside the White House were last night?

Now, this is sure to fan the flames of Russian influence on the Trump White House!

It seems we’ve been down this path before, when “Fox & Friends” joked around about President Donald Trump blinking the lights of a room in the White House to signal to them that he’s watching — they used a video effect to suggest he did.

…but here we go again.

Tom Johnson, a weekend anchor for Orlando-based Fox 35 posted a video clip Sunday night on Twitter of what looks to be flashing red lights inside the Executive Mansion.

“What do you think the flashing lights are in the right now? They seem to be inside the 2nd-floor residence,” he added.

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Fox35 was not the only media outlet to take notice, as seen in a tweet from Robbin Simmons, a reporter for Miami-based Fox affiliate WSVN:

The reaction began with a rational exchange on what the red lights could be:

But things quickly spiraled out of the realm of rational thought:

Naturally, stalwart Trump supporters quickly came to the president’s defense:

Being a good journalist, Johnson reported that things soon returned to normal… well, at least as normal as a Trump White House can be!

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Here’s a sampling of some other hilarious responses to the mysterious phenomenon:

Update from the New York Post:

A spokesperson for the Secret Service solved the mystery Monday and confirmed the lights were a reflection from emergency vehicles responding to a medical incident outside the White House campus.

“The red lights had nothing to do with the White House,” a Secret Service spokesperson told The Post.

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