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Muslim woman applauded when she lays out reality: ‘Terrorism is being imported right under our noses’

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Brutal terrorism being met with a dose of equally brutal truth…

A Muslim woman in Britain was applauded after making a far-reaching suggestion that all Saudi-financed mosques in England be closed, insisting terrorism is “being imported right under our noses.

Just days after the deadly terrorist attack in Manchester that claimed the lives of 22 people, the woman appeared on the BBC talk show “Question Time” to say that this is something “we have to accept and we have to deal with.”

“I am a British Muslim, and I am very proud of my heritage,” she explained. “But I am also a realist and there is an elephant in the room here and unfortunately, it’s very unfortunate, there is an issue with regards to radicalization and extremism that does exist within our community.”

The woman then agreed with an earlier comment about mosques.

“Yes, we do have an issue within our mosques, within our religious institutions,” she stated. “We have children being taught the Wahhabi interpretation of the Quran. We have Saudi-trained clerics coming in and speaking to children as young as seven.”

“We have to do something about it,” she concluded.

And her recommendation was to temporarily shut down all Saudi-financed mosques in her country.

A fellow audience member suggested there are no longer any such mosques, but the woman shot her down, saying emphatically: “Yes there are, yes there are!”

Tom Tillison


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