Trump calls obsession with Russian hacking a ‘political witch hunt’

“We’re like the hacking capital of the world.”

Communist leader & Harvard prof go on ‘O’Reilly’ to oppose Trump, end up making the case FOR him

“Wall on the border with Mexico. Law and order…”

New ‘Trigger’ smart phone app alerts when Donald Trump tweets about stocks you own

“These triggers can help you capture moves or manage your holdings…”

Tiger Woods dishes on what it was like to hang with Donald Trump, and his ‘impressive’ golf game

“Our discussion topics were wide-ranging…”

This HS band would be proud to play at Trump’s Inauguration, and they’re working to make it happen

“It’s craziness, but it’s worth it.”

US reportedly finds intermediaries between Russia and WikiLeaks, Trump draws skepticism

“Who gave them this report and why?”

Obama sets employment record in last days, but he’ll be wanting to keep this on the down-low


Tainted legacy: Obama failed to meet goal of zero Veteran homelessness as he prepares to leave

“It has been the best kind of failure I’ve experienced.”

Transgender charged for filming girl in Target dressing room calls it ‘a mistake’

“I always supported the transgender community, but…”

Seething Kellyanne Conway’s battle with lib media circuit over Russian leaks comes to a head at CNN

“Don’t you say that again!”

Watters catches up to one of the cowards who accosted Ivanka on JetBlue…not such a tough guy now!

“You proud of that?”

Fort Lauderdale airport shooter revealed; chaos over reports of more gunfire, TSA issues ‘shelter in place’

This story is still developing.

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