Communist leader & Harvard prof go on ‘O’Reilly’ to oppose Trump, end up making the case FOR him

A black activist posing as a professor and a communist walked onto the set of Fox News’ “O’Reilly Factor” to complain about Donald Trump, but ended up making the case for his election.

Dr. Cornel West, a Harvard Professor and the spokesman for the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, Carl Dix, tried to take on Bill O’Reilly Thursday to complain about how Americans were living under Trump’s regime, except one small issue.

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Trump isn’t in power.

O’Reilly asked why the pair refused to give Trump a chance to see what he does before they oppose him.

“People gave Hitler a chance and we saw what that meant for humanity,” the communist Dix said. “With Donald Trump look at what we’re talking about.


“Muslim registry. Wall on the border with Mexico. Law and order which is code word for unleashing harsher repression against black and Latino people.”

Tough on terrorism, illegal immigration and strict law and order. Is this a pro-Trump commercial?

West gave his opinion and made an even stronger case for Trump’s election.

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“Working people are suffering. Poor people are suffering. Women are suffering. Black people are suffering,” he said.

Yes they are. That’s the reason Trump was elected.

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“Fox & Friends” ran part of the segment on the show Friday morning, and viewers had plenty to say:

Maybe it’s time for something different.

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