Shooter goes on rampage at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport; multiple deaths, injuries reported

“Everyone is running.”

Whoopi self-destructs over insane Planned Parenthood blowout: ‘I can’t sit and do this anymore!’

“I can’t do it! I can’t do it!”

Trump wants a what?! Yahoo Finance launches tweet with the most unfortunate typo of all time


Pathetic celebs now planning to add an online ‘love-a-thon’ version of their Inauguration Day protest


Former CIA director does damage control after media RUNS with false narrative on Trump ‘split’

“The MSM is puzzled why they’re not trusted?”

‘Unprecedented!’ Trump orders all Obama’s ambassadors to leave foreign posts by Inauguration Day

“Without exceptions.”

What’s that being built around Obama’s new digs? Oh, it looks like a WALL!

It’s OK to scream.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. posts super-cute video of his wife & daughter dancing on New Year’s Eve

“Ha, just found this gem… “

WaPo remembers the last time it forgot the race of a Chicago resident brutally assaulted over Trump

Amber Randall, DCNF In a recent report on the racially and politically-tinged alleged kidnap and torture of a white man, Washington Post referenced a similar attack in […]

‘Why so sure about hacking?’ Trump stirs pot, points out DNC didn’t allow FBI access to servers

“What is going on?”

Of course! Obama admin takes credit for fracking boom in exit memo

“Due to early DOE investments and the advances made by U.S. companies…”

It’s official! Greta’s got a brand new gig, but not everyone’s ‘thrilled’ about it

“I can tell you this isn’t the change I want to see.”