Don’t cry for them – Obama’s new office is nothing like the Oval, but lavish 8,200 sq ft home is not too shabby

They just can’t leave Washington alone.

Could Michael Moore’s offer to pay the fines of ‘faithless electors’ be inciting criminal activity?

Is it legal?

Rosie O’Donnell goes on the warpath against Fox News; watch out, she’s got her CAPS LOCKED again!

Did someone say safe space?

‘How could you betray us?’ Obama strategist’s message to electors is not what angry libs were expecting

WTF man? What has happened to you?

Twenty Black Lives Matter dudes jumped by 4 Trump supporters or another ‘hate crime’ hoax? You decide . . .

I’ll take ‘stuff that never happened’ for $200, Alex.

Kellyanne Conway reality-checks alleged Russian hacking in a strong ‘Face The Nation’ appearance

. . . a charge Trump and his staff continue to label as “ridiculous.”

Satan visits Boca for Christmas; Florida city forced to include Satanic display next to Nativity

The mayor said she does not believe that “Satanism” is even a religion.

Planned Parenthood could be the first target for Trump’s DOJ, 547-page report recommends probe

Oh, the next four years promise to be a real joy for conservative Americans.

GOP elector stands up to celebs who ‘think they’re smarter than the American people’

“I’m truly surprised that so many celebrities feel . . . “

Electors are reportedly getting police protection in some states: ‘I’m a big boy, but . . .’

‘Enough, knock it off.'”

bibi christmas
Trump’s choice for U.S. ambassador to Israel signals sharp change – libs fret as many conservatives cheer

About time?

Laura Ingraham has a ‘good-bye’ gif for Obama and fans are diggin’ it

“And good riddance.”

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