Twenty Black Lives Matter dudes jumped by 4 Trump supporters or another ‘hate crime’ hoax? You decide . . .

A student and civil rights activist in New York city claimed that about 20 of his friends were attacked by about four Trump supporters after they left a party on Saturday.

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The student, Keegan Stephan, tweeted the account of one of the alleged victims, Peter Soeller, as it was posted to his Facebook pages.

Soeller wrote that “…about 20 of us walked down the block chanting & laughing, 4 or 5 Trump supporters confronted us & assaulted us yelling, ‘Blue Lives Matter’ ‘Get out of my country’ calling us ‘faggots’ & ‘commies as they wailed on us.”

The anti-police protester made the wild leap that the attackers “were off-duty cops” because of “their build and the way they took us down.”


Other “Trump fan attack” stories were proven to be hoaxes, like the Muslim girl who fabricated a hate crime, recently. Many, including Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld, found this story too far-fetched to believe.

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Both excellent questions.

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Carmine Sabia


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