Planned Parenthood could be the first target for Trump’s DOJ, 547-page report recommends probe

Since it will not be easy to overturn Roe v. Wade, as he’d suggested on the campaign trail, President-elect Donald Trump may instead hand “a substitute gift to the pro-life brigade.”

That’s the assessment of Elura Nanos, an attorney and TV personality who writes for LawNewz.

“Instead of an overturned Supreme Court verdict,” Nanos wrote in an article Friday. “President Trump’s administration could end up delivering a sweeping investigation and criminal prosecution of Planned Parenthood.”

Egad! Heaven forbid America’s largest abortion provider be held accountable for any alleged criminal behavior.

Nanos shared a very biased take on a 547-page report out this week from the Senate Judiciary Committee that calls on the Justice Department and the FBI to investigate Planned Parenthood for the alleged illegal sale of fetal tissue.

She goes on to insist America did not see what it saw on the “heavily-edited and later discredited video by the anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress.”

But her key concern seems to be that Trump’s attorney general nominee, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., will “take up the SJC’s gauntlet and spearhead the war on Planned Parenthood.”

Overturning Roe v. Wade would be a difficult legal feat, requiring SCOTUS to upend a forty year-old precedent and backtrack on the legal meaning of “privacy;” if such a change could be accomplished, its effect would be profound, but also somewhat geographically contained. […]

But a full-scale attack on Planned Parenthood like the one mandated by the SJC circumvents the legislative process completely. It does not tackle the difficult question “What should the law say about abortion?” but rather, it proceeds with the far simpler conclusion that its subject has violated existing laws.


Nanos states that because “the abortion issue” is complex and inflammatory, the SJC is presenting “a new framework that lacks pesky nuances.”

Planned Parenthood has now been cast as a tangible enemy. And the issue at hand is no longer abortion, but rather, “selling baby parts” – an incendiary and propagandized characterization created for its power to rally even moderate pro-lifers. This newer, more streamlined war on reproductive freedom promises to be as damaging as it is popular. While conservatives (and likely, many moderates) begin their crusade against Planned Parenthood’s alleged crimes, the organization and others like it will find themselves drowning in a costly, politicized, and endless investigations.”


Oh, the next four years promise to be a real joy for conservative Americans.

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Tom Tillison


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