Satan visits Boca for Christmas; Florida city forced to include Satanic display next to Nativity

Watters’ World” traveled to Boca Raton, Florida, where an alleged devil worshiper erected a satanic symbol next to the town hall Nativity scene and Christmas tree, to find out what residents there think about the left’s war on Christmas.

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Mayor Susan Haynie told host Jesse Watters that for 27 years, they’ve had no issues.

“And then this guy comes along and puts up his offensive display,” she explained.

The mayor said she does not believe that “Satanism” is even a religion and was clear in her thoughts about the display.

“It’s certainly there to incite violence and hatred, and that’s not something that Boca Raton stands for,” Mayor Haynie noted.

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Ironically, the person using the offensive display to make a statement, Preston Smith, who’s backed by the perpetually offended Freedom from Religion Foundation, was not too eager to go on camera when presented with the opportunity to share his message.

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