Laura Ingraham has a ‘good-bye’ gif for Obama and fans are diggin’ it

Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham used a 1973 film noir classic, “The Long Goodbye” to described the excruciatingly slow process of President Obama’s departure from the White House.

She called it “The longest goodbye,” prompting fans of the conservative talk radio host to nod wearily in agreement.

Ingraham tweeted:

Obama has been making endless appearances trying to prop up his legacy, but with labor participation at its lowest rate in decades, a national debt that he has doubled under his stewardship and the world stage left in shouldering ruins, it’s a hard sell at best.

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But most people just wanted it to be over, with some even counting the seconds.

One person was reminded of the 1969 Steam pop music classic.

But a retired New Jersey police detective said it best.

And good riddance.

Ingraham has been a huge Trump supporter throughout his campaign, and hailed his pick of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson for secretary of state as “pretty genius.”

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