Not a race thing: Houston cop resigns after being caught on video brutally beating black man

*Viewer Warning: Graphic Content

White Ohio police officer drives young black man 100 miles . . . so he can attend his sister’s funeral

“Everyone knows how much I dislike cops,” Ross said in a post . . .

House passes Obamacare mandate exemption bill, White House issues veto threat

“The news about the Affordable Care Act gets worse every day…”

Comey met his match today! ‘Hillary played you . . . you blew it . . . God help us all’

She’s playing all of us!

Ivanka shares how running a lemonade stand as a kid taught her about business — Twitter loses it mind…

Folks on didn’t think this was such a heartwarming story.

hillary clinton
Hillary can talk about how healthy she is all she wants — Only 36% of Americans are buying it

More than half believe Donald Trump is healthy enough to be president.

Post-debate campaign ad hits Hillary on ‘bad experience’ where Trump left off…

“She’s got experience, but it’s bad experience…”

Hillary’s campaign manager claims Clinton Foundation has disclosed all its donors. Um, no it hasn’t…

“It’s all public, yep.” Yeah, no.

Trump heads to Michigan in appeal to union workers

“People here in Michigan feel like the system is rigged, and no matter how hard they work and play by the rules, they can’t get ahead,” Hagerstrom said.

Gowdy to Comey: Help me understand, ‘what would Hillary have had to do’ to warrant prosecution?

“That is not the FBI that I used to work with,” Gowdy said.

‘I’m confused and mis-remembering’: Comey cracks under heavy questioning by Ratcliffe

“Why would two of the central witnesses in a potential prosecution against her be allowed to sit in the same room and hear the testimony.”

Comey’s claim that a tech guy wiped emails without ANY direction from anyone is too hard to swallow

But he believes it!