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‘I’m confused and mis-remembering’: Comey cracks under heavy questioning by Ratcliffe

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Rep. John Ratcliffe questioned FBI Director James Comey Wednesday and about the only thing that was established is that the director is admittedly “confused.”

Ratcliffe told Comey he was “skirting the real issue” when the director acknowledged that the FBI made the decision not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton after she was interviewed by the bureau.

“If there was ever any real possibility that Hillary Clinton might be charged for something that she admitted to on July 2nd, why would two of the central witnesses in a potential prosecution against her be allowed to sit in the same room and hear the testimony.”

The Texas Republican concluded that the only way that happens is “if the decision has already been made that all three people in that room are not going to be charged.”

Comey responded by trying to stake out the high ground over whether he has been dishonest.

“If colleagues of ours believe I am lying about when I made this decision, then please urge them to contact me privately so we can have a conversation about this,” he appealed.

When asked why the Clinton staffer involved in the “oh sh*t moment,” where he deleted emails after the Select Committee on Benghazi ordered them preserved, was not charged with obstruction after lying to the FBI, Comey said he was “a low-level guy” and they were trying to move up the chain.

When pressed on why the staffer was allowed to lie to the bureau AFTER being granted immunity, Comey expressed confusion about when the immunity was granted, suggesting that it was given beforehand.

Ratcliffe stated the exact dates, prompting to Comey to reply, “Then I’m confused and mis-remembering, but I don’t think that’s right.”

Which proved to be an apt summary to the day’s proceedings.

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Tom Tillison


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