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Ivanka shares how running a lemonade stand as a kid taught her about business — Twitter loses it mind…

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Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka’s recent story of her exploits hosting a lemonade stand when she was a kid has the left up in arms.

Recently the website Business Insider posted a story featuring Ivanka telling the tale of her doomed lemonade stand where she admitted that the whole thing would have been a bust if not for her parents and their domestic workers chipping in to buy some lemonade.

Ivanka noted that they couldn’t set up a lemonade stand in downtown New York where daddy Trump worked so they set it up in the rich community where they lived. But the gated, cul-de-sac street was a terrible location for a kid’s lemonade stand.

So, she made do with what she could…

“The only trouble with this arrangement was our location — not a typical Trump problem,” she writes. “We were at the end of a cul-de-sac in an affluent community of spacious homes on sprawling properties. In every other respect, this was a prime spot, but it was a dead zone for aspiring lemonade magnates.”

Ivanka writes that she and her brothers used their “wily charms and persuasive marketing skills” to get their bodyguard, their parents’ driver, and some of the household staff to buy enough lemonade to cover their expenses. They “took pity on us and dug deep for their spare change,” she writes.

“We made the best of a bad situation, I guess — a lesson we’d utilize again and again as we moved on in business,” Ivanka said in her book.

But folks on Twitter didn’t think this was such a heartwarming story of a kid exercising her young entrepreneurial muscles. No, to them it smacked of privilege and cynicism and they took to Twitter to slam Ivanka over her tale.

Libs are experts at attacking people with money.

One of the first to attack Ivanka was liberal journalist Paul DeBenedetto who slammed Trump’s daughter.

Others soon joined in on the condemnation.


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