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Hillary can talk about how healthy she is all she wants — Only 36% of Americans are buying it

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Voters are not buying into Hillary Clinton’s claims that she is healthy and they believe Donald Trump is more physically fit for the presidency, according to a new poll.

Despite Clinton’s release of more medical information than Trump, it seems voters – especially men – have more confidence in the Republican nominee’s health, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll. While doctors for both candidates have given them a thumbs up, Clinton’s recent bout with pneumonia seems to have scored more support for her opponent.

The poll found that 51 percent of voters are very or extremely confident that Trump, 70, is healthy enough to be president while only 36 percent felt the same way about Clinton, who is 68 years old.

Men and women were about equal in their confidence in Trump’s health. But, in a gender divide, more men than women questioned Clinton’s physical ability to be president with 45 percent of the men saying they were only slightly or not at all confident compared to 34 percent of women.

Health and age have factored in to this presidential election as voters note the “look” and “stamina” that Trump has commented on in regard to Clinton’s ability.

“Stamina is a code word for maybe not physically up to the job,” said New York University bioethicist Arthur Caplan. “There’s something of a bias about men versus women that subtly Trump has played to, that men are more fit, tough enough to do the job.” Caplan has called for an independent panel to certify the health of presidential candidates, according to AP.

While the candidates battle out which has released enough of their medical history, it seems the issue was not important to some voters. The AP-GfK poll found nearly 4 in 10 voters didn’t consider full medical releases by Trump and Clinton to be important. Another 2 in 10 voters said it was only moderately important.

The poll, which was taken before Monday’s presidential debate, also found that nearly half of women thought Clinton’s health was getting too much attention. Four out of 10 men agreed.

More Democrats were confident of Trump’s health than Republicans were of Clinton’s, the poll also revealed.

Conducted online Sept. 15-19, the AP-GfK poll surveyed 1,694 adults, including 1,476 registered voters.

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