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Hillary’s campaign manager claims Clinton Foundation has disclosed all its donors. Um, no it hasn’t…

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager blatantly lied about the Clinton Foundation disclosing all of its donors.

In an interview on ABC’s “The View,” Robby Mook falsely claimed that all donors to the Clinton charity are public.

“Is all the information on the donations been made clear? I mean, everybody has seen it?” co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked Mook on Tuesday.

“All the donations are public,” Mook said.

“They know where the donations went, who they came from, what they did. So, those are not in question. That’s all there, all their money that she’s earned, it’s all where it came from, who got it?” Goldberg asked.

“It’s all public, yep,” he said.

The Donald Trump campaign released a fact-check of Mook’s claims, stating that “the Clinton campaign continues to make false claims about Foundation disclosure.”

In one example, it was noted that “there are 1,000 unknown donors to the Clinton Guistra Enterprise Partnership.” As a Canadian charity, run by Bill Clinton’s friend Frank Giustra, it is not required to disclose its donors although 24 names were released in 2015.

The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) was also cited for only disclosing a partial donor list in 2015, claiming a failure to do so previously was due to an “oversight.”

The Foundation has been surrounded by controversy after pay-to-play accusations that donors were given special access to the State Department while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

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