White Ohio police officer drives young black man 100 miles . . . so he can attend his sister’s funeral

Too often these days we find news stories depicting conflict and heartbreak between African-Americans and police. This is the heartwarming story of an Ohio officer who volunteered to drive a man 100 miles so he and his family could grieve together over the loss of a sister.

On September 25 Indiana resident Mark Ross was traveling to Detroit with a friend to visit with family as they mourned the death of Ross’ 15-year-old sister. Unfortunately, as Ross and his friend entered Ohio they were pulled over for speeding.

Not only was Ross’ companion speeding, the officer who pulled them over was forced to take the driver into custody because he was also driving on a suspended license.

Ross himself realized he still had a misdemeanor warrant out for his arrest issued by police in Michigan and he wrote on his Facebook page that he was afraid he was also about to get arrested.

Ohio police officer David Robinson contacted Michigan police but the neighboring state’s authorities said they had no interest in driving all the way to Ohio just to pick Ross up.

So the trip to Detroit had turned into a disaster. Not only was Ross’ friend in jail, but now Ross himself was stranded in Ohio.

Officer Robinson, though, decided he had to help. Instead of just casting Mr. Ross out into the wilds of Ohio without any support, the officer took it upon himself to drive Ross the final 100 miles to Detroit so he could be with his family.

“It was just so overwhelming,” a grateful Ross told InsideEdition.com. “They were trying to help us.”

“Everyone knows how much I dislike cops,” Ross said in a Facebook post, under a photo of him and Sgt. Robisons. “He gave me hope,” Ross wrote of the officer.


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