Deputy to Angela Merkel calling for a return to German sovereignty; we can’t control the migrants

It would seem that Europe is slowly coming to grips with the consequences of its liberal immigration policies. The continent has been flooded with refugees from the […]

MSNBC describes Wasserman Schultz getting booed with this outrageously deceptive headline

In the midst of Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz being hit with boos during her speech to the Florida Democrat delegation, MSNBC spun the chaos […]

Hillary says Benghazi security for consulate was ‘not my ball to carry’

Disgusting, really.

List of first events at convention show segregation is alive and well in the Democratic Party

Wondering if there was anything for white groups?

Mad at her husband, woman gets out of car at wildlife park and is mauled by a tiger; jaw-dropping video

A family in China learned a deadly lesson about not getting out of the car at a wildlife park. A woman got out of her car Saturday […]

Obama tells CBS that Hillary stinks at giving speeches just ahead of her big DNC speech

With friends like these . . .

’60 Minutes’ cut THIS clip of Hillary being asked about leaked DNC emails, the biggest story in politics

A clip lasting a bit over two minutes of Hillary Clinton repeatedly dodging questions about the leaked DNC emails never made it on Sunday’s “60 Minutes” interview […]

Legendary Chuck Norris throws his full support behind Trump, then turns on Clinton in savage op-ed

Famed bad-ass Chuck Norris is endorsing GOP nominee Donald Trump in a very big way. Norris writes that any “freedom-loving citizens” in the country shouldn’t even be […]

Nancy Pelosi booed by Bernie supporters while claiming DNC is more unified than GOP

While speaking to the California Democratic delegation, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Ca., was booed by Bernie Sanders supporters. Pelosi took to the stage to address the […]

WNBA star furious with league’s punishment of players wearing Black Lives Matter shirts

“It’s been a lot disappointing that the WNBA hasn’t supported [BLM],” she said.

Ohio judge sentences lawyer to 5 days in jail for refusing to remove Black Lives Matter pin in court

The real problem is that the group thinks they are justifiably above the law.

Watch: Bernie sticks up for Hillary and gets booed out of the room by his OWN DELEGATES

Sanders took the stage before his DNC speech to tell his supporters that they “must elect” Hillary Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine.

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