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WNBA star furious with league’s punishment of players wearing Black Lives Matter shirts

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Black Lives Matter protests have now become wide-spread in the Women’s National Basketball Association, so much so that the WNBA punished players and teams for wearing t-shirts in support of the race-pushing group in violation of league uniform rules.

But now WNBA player Tamika Catchings is furious with the league’s decision to punish players for their vocal support of the violence-prone protest group.

The league moved to sanction three WNBA teams, fining them $5,000 each last week, but also fined each of the players on those teams $500 per player, according to Breitbart Sports.

The teams and players fined included the New York Liberty, Phoenix Mercury and the Indiana Fever.

As soon as the fines were announced, many of the players who wore the t-shirts celebrating the riotous BLM movement criticized the move. None more so than Indiana Fever star Tamika Catchings.

Catchings was caught at LAX by celebrity gossip website TMZ complaining about the action taken by the league.

The star player told the website that it’s “tough” because all the players “have a voice” and they want to be heard. She added that the league has supported “a lot of other different initiatives” and added that she felt Black Lives Matter was just as worthy of support.

“It’s been a lot disappointing that the WNBA hasn’t supported [BLM],” she said.

Ultimately, though, the WNBA reversed its decision to fine the players. By Monday, the league announced it was vacating its former decision.

The reversal of the fines was made despite the fact that a growing number of Black Lives Matter activists have been heard advocating for killing police officers. The group has also been at the heart of multiple riots and disruptions across the nation. One BLM leader even claimed that if Donald Trump is elected to the White House he would lead a “coup” against the U.S.A. to stop Trump.


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