Deputy to Angela Merkel calling for a return to German sovereignty; we can’t control the migrants

It would seem that Europe is slowly coming to grips with the consequences of its liberal immigration policies.

The continent has been flooded with refugees from the Middle East, with Germany taking in more than 1 million alone in 2015 and country is now calling for a return to its sovereignty, saying it can’t control the number of migrants pouring across its borders, according to the Daily Mail.

‘We have to regain sovereignty and we have to regain the rule of rights,” said Stephan Mayer, a deputy to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “There’s a lot of space for improvement.”

Beginning with knowing who is in the country and where they are.

“We were not able to register and control all the migrants that crossed the German border,” Mayer added, stressing that he is not blaming Merkel.

Germany is reeling from a number of recent terrorists attacks, as outlined by the Mail:

A Syrian migrant set off a bomb near a music festival in southern Germany, killing himself and wounding a dozen others in the third attack to hit the region in a week, authorities said Monday.

The 27-year-old had spent time in a psychiatric facility, but the authorities said an Islamist motive seemed ‘likely’ for the attack in the city of Ansbach Sunday night.

Germany is reeling after nine people died in a shopping centre shooting rampage in Munich on Friday and four people were wounded in an axe attack on a train in Wuerzburg on July 18.


In light of the violence, Merkel has come under renewed criticism of her open-door immigration policy, with opposition leaders describe as “welcoming policies had brought too many young, uneducated and radical Muslim men to Germany,” the Mail reported.

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Tom Tillison


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