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Nancy Pelosi booed by Bernie supporters while claiming DNC is more unified than GOP

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While speaking to the California Democratic delegation, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Ca., was booed by Bernie Sanders supporters.

Pelosi took to the stage to address the delegation Monday after two other representatives from California were also booed, according to Roll Call.

But whenever a speaker talked about uniting to elect Clinton in November, the crowd balked. They booed Rep. Michael M. Honda. And chanted, “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!” during Rep. Barbara Lee’s address.


When Pelosi began speaking about the Democrats being more “unified” around Hillary Clinton than the GOP is around Donald Trump, supporters of the independent Vermont senator began shutting her down.

Pelosi tried to unify the room by emphasizing the commonalities in the room rather than the divisions. “The differences that we have are not so great compared to the chasm between us and Republicans,” she said.

But the crowd wasn’t having it. When a “Bernie” sign was thrust in Pelosi’s face on stage, she remained calm, saying, “I don’t consider it a discourtesy even if it is intended as one.”


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