’60 Minutes’ cut THIS clip of Hillary being asked about leaked DNC emails, the biggest story in politics

A clip lasting a bit over two minutes of Hillary Clinton repeatedly dodging questions about the leaked DNC emails never made it on Sunday’s “60 Minutes” interview with the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Hmm, another case of media bias, or did the “60 Minutes” editors just temporarily misplace them?

Throughout that segment, Clinton denied that she had any knowledge that the Democratic National Committee was working furiously behind the scenes to propel her as the party’s standard-bearer while shutting Sen. Bernie Sanders out.

That sounds suspiciously like excuses she’d used before — on Benghazi, her own email scandal — she didn’t know.

It’s also familiar to that old saw that President Obama uses — I never knew a thing until I saw it on the news, just like you, with one difference: Clinton claimed she didn’t even see it on the news.

That particular clip never made it to the “60 Minutes” audience. One had to look for it on the CBS News website online, assuming one even knew the segment existed. People found that in and of itself strange given the media play of the leaked emails.

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Then again, maybe it wasn’t so strange that the segment was excluded.

On the other hand:

Finally, there was this:

CBS News and Brian Williams both deserved that one.

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