Hillary asks America for a performance review; much to her displeasure, America responds

What was she thinking?

Trump wins focus group over with epic speech, but one moment stands out above the rest

“That was the best speech by a presidential candidate I’ve heard in my entire life, ever.”

Black pastor rouses RNC crowd with “All Lives Matter” chant and sends social media into a tailspin

The Republican National Convention crowd was fired up during an impassioned speech by an Evangelical pastor that set off a chant of “All Lives Matter.” Pastor Mark Burns, founder of the […]

Terror at German shopping mall, several dead, one or more gunmen reported

UPDATE 4: German authorities have now confirmed nine dead. Some witnesses claim they heard gunmen shout “Alluah Akbar,” while other witnesses claim a gunman said  “I’m German’ […]

Trump unloads on Ted Cruz, says even if he tries to endorse him now, he won’t accept

“Honestly, he should have done it…”

Obama’s ex-campaign manager in total denial, says GOP once had a shot to win, if only…

“This is going to sound crazy…”

Yes, Roger Ailes has officially resigned from Fox News. Here’s the statement…

“Fox News has given voice to those who were ignored by the traditional networks…”

CNN probably regrets polling viewers after Trump’s RNC speech because, well… WOW

“Pack it up America, we had a good run.”

Just in case you thought team Cruz was done, his campaign mgr took snarky shot at Christie’s manhood

“You know, he embarrassed himself pretty quickly in this.”

Code Pink protester crashes Trump nom with 4 word message–but her disgraceful stunt is met instantly

“I rose to disrupt Trump’s ‘victory speech…'”

Megyn Kelly wore a dress during RNC coverage that sent Americans’ tongues wagging

“She looks like she’s working for an escort agency”…

Philly police union openly shames Hillary for list of DNC speakers – and for GREAT reason

“Mrs. Clinton you should be ashamed of yourself.”