Trump unloads on Ted Cruz, says even if he tries to endorse him now, he won’t accept

GOP nominee Donald Trump laid into Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Tx today during a speech to Republican National Convention (RNC) volunteers.

After Cruz was widely booed off the RNC stage during his speech, where he refused to endorse Trump and told voters to “vote your conscience,” Trump hit back hard, saying he does not want Cruz’s endorsement.

“I don’t want his endorsement,” Trump said. “If he gives it, I will not accept it just so you understand. I will not accept it.”

He went on to say that Cruz made a big mistake for the non-endorsment, and aligned himself with pundits that have called Cruz’s move “political suicide.”

“Honestly, he should have done it because nobody cares,” said Trump to the cheering crowd. “And he would have been in better shape for four years from now.”

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